2005 Fender Stratosonic – Many Links to the Past.

Or a Jack of all Trades, or some kind of monster Jack hybrid:

I guess I’m a major gearophile.  Pretty much played the field, then tried to mash it all up into one thing.  What are the ingredients?

Well, a strat.  The last one I had was this Clapton, that maple neck and carve were great, and the body dimensions were just right:


Then the chambered body idea, with the Gibson shorter scale, and P-90s.  The one I had at the time was a Guild Blues 90:

But something with a wraparound bridge, like the SG I used to have:


That one I ended up using with a trem, but I always wanted to look into a more intonatable wraparound.  Let’s see, any other influences?  Oh yes, cosmetically I always liked black and chrome hardware with a black headstock, like with the Sonic Youth Lee Ranaldo Jazzmaster I had:



Ok so there are all the links and pics to bring to the present.  And here we are, the 2005 Fender Stratosonic DV II (They also made them with one Fender Dove P-90 pickup, the DVI, and also with dual humbuckers, the HH):IMG_2252

Strat body with a maple neck and (very dark!) rosewood fretboard but with a Gibson scale length?  Check.

Harmonic Design VP-90s and an intonatable wraparound bridge?  Yep.  Swapped some rubber knobs on there too.


Chambered Body? Yep, 7.6 pounds.  I like the access door in the back, this one already has swapped guts I believe.

Black tuners are Hipshot Locking Tuners, open gears, neato.

The Serial Number shows that it’s from the American Deluxe line from 2005, cool beans.

Black headstock reminds me of both Gibson and that Jazzmaster I had, nice touch.

And how does it sound?  It can get seriously in your face, P-90s aren’t that polite.  So I roll the volume back a bit until I get some of the hair dialed out, and now I hit the sweet spot to pair with my Fender Pro Reverb.  Clean, it sounds more focused than my other guitars, but not jazz-polite.  So this may end up being great for those arpeggios and pedal platform washouts.  I haven’t fired it up with the Marshall yet since the ES-335 has my full attention plugged into that rig, but I’ll get around to it.  All in all, I’m not going to kick this one out of bed, and it scratches the remainder of the itches that my other guitars don’t.  Hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a guitar that can bat cleanup!


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