Got Those Johnny Marr Fanboy Flames Fed.

Ok so Johnny Marr came to town on a book tour.  So I went.




I heard that on other stops he brought out a calvacade of nostalgic gear.  None of that in NYC, it was all cutting edge, what with this being the only guitar he played all night:




I agree with that choice, as I resemble that remark – just recently bought the same Johnny Marr Jaguar in Black over at Matt Umanov’s.  Oh, pedals in the foreground, here’s a bit better of a shot:




Almost a tribute to Prince, how it’s all Boss pedals.  Oh, and the footswitch for the Fender Princeton Reverb in Drip Edge Silverface configuration.  Alright, let’s see it all strapped on:




Started off with The Headmaster Ritual.  Ended it with How Soon is Now?  In-between were a great many stories, quips and licks.  A great time all around, and basically for the price of the signed book itself:




On the way out instead of rushing to the merch table with the masses, I headed straight for the exit for some odd compulsion.  And at the end of the hallway was Nile Rodgers.  During the chat Johnny had played a riff of Nile’s and addressed him as if he was present.  And he was.  I happened to have a pen on me and asked him to sign the book.  Nile wanted to specifically put his signature next to Johnny’s , so as he flipped through the pages I mentioned that I thought it was a beautiful thing that Johnny named his son after Nile.  Nile looked up and said that Johnny’s son was an amazing guitar player in his own right.  What a high compliment!  And here are the two collaborative signatures:




A fine night in New York, in a week where the atmosphere in NYC was almost Mancunian, as Johnny and Ian Svenonius put it.  Johnny’s music once again elevated me beyond my funk, as he did for me back in the 80s.  Thank you Johnny, for all that.  Fanboy gush is now done for tonight.


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