New Guitar Day: 2016 Fender Limited Edition Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar in Black

When Johnny Marr tweeted a pending limited edition color (black) for his Jaguar, I posted a little Pet Shop Boys inside joke from a song on Behaviour, an album Johnny played on:



This is the Jag I’ve waited years to get.  Now I’ve gotten it.  Gearheads of the world, unite!



If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s a Mastery Bridge on there instead of the stock bridge:

Works like a charm, follows the neck radius and string spacing perfectly, and is a perfect fit for the ferrules, so no need for any bushings.  It doesn’t rock when you use the trem bar, but the strings slide silently over the saddles so no worries.

So what was the inspiration to get a black single coil, other than the obvious?  Well, here’s the non-obvious:



Just a great piece of kit.  The hi pass filters are an excellent addition and placement, especially on the 4th position, both pickups on and in series, where the 2nd hi pass filter kicks in to give it a single coil sound that really appeals to the P-90 kick I’ve been on lately.  For that Capo use position, the 2nd position chimes with fingerstyle.  This is my new swiss army knife.


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