All the Electric Guitars.

Well that blogothon on all the pedals has tuckered me out.  Couldn’t even get up to modern times, but if you look through my blog posts it pretty much picks up where the recaps left off.  Yeah, I’m lazy.


So let’s move on to a simpler subject – my electric guitars!  Below are links to first-day impressions.  Enjoy!
1965 Guild Starfire VI – The thread’s actually on LetsTalkGuild because it’s more of a Custom Shop story than a NGD story.


1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom ’54 Reissue. Staple Pickup. Sounds soooo good.


1979 Rickenbacker 360-12 Jetglo. I can’t believe this one doesn’t cramp my hand up like other Rics do.


1996 Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster. This is my Jack of all Trades guitar, the swiss army knife. Solid.


2003 Artinger Blondie Jr. Got this one back after having it 7 years ago. Here’s a post in PG I made about it way back then:


And last but not least,

2008 Rick Kelly Bowery Pine Tele. It took a long time to track down my original post on it! Back when it looked like this:


Just this year, I sourced the “NYC John Lennon Tele” flipped Gibson embossed humbucker, Rick put that in the neck and a Duncan Antiquity II in the bridge, and Cindy made this gorgeous pickguard!

So now it looks like this:


This vase was the inspiration for the pickguard. Oh, and Matt Artinger is going to take that ’63 Firebird pickup that used to be in Rick’s Tele, and make a mounting ring for it so we can swap out the Duncan Jazz in the Blondie Jr. Can’t wait!

Oh, that John Lennon Tele? Used in his last concert appearance – guest at Elton John’s show in 1974, Thanksgiving. So since it’s Thanksgiving, here it is!




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