None More Black.

Here is my new (to me) 1997 Ebony R8. All ebony, front back sides neck. Got it from a fellow TGPer earlier this year. Here is his pic, which does it the most justice:

And the other currently owned?

From 1979, my Jetglo Ric 360-12!

But how about the ones I’ve owned in yesteryear? OK. In no particular order, my old ’94 Am. Std. Strat:

A Schecter Hellcat VI:

My first paul, a ’76 Gibson LP Custom, nickel hardware from factory:

Holy crap I found a pic of me in the early 90s with my first ever guitar that was mine (and not my mom’s) – an Epiphone A/E dread with brass saddles, snapped strings all the time. It got stolen from a church in the late 90s.

Rick Kelly Stratotele:

The first time that I owned an all-ebony ’97 R8? right here, and a LP Lite with extra gear on there:

Gah, forgot about this one. Fender ’52 RI Black-Gold. How many freaking black guitars have I owned??

Oh, do basses count? a 70’s Fender Mustang Bass with some monster aftermarket pickup plowed in there:

omg a Hello Kitty Strat! Forgot that I dropped some hot rodded bucker in there later:

I think acoustics count, right? I did have three black acoustics in my life, one being this Martin J-40Blk.

Not my guitar, but a pic very similar to mine, a 90s Guild F-30 maple jumbo in black:

And again not my guitar but a pic very close to it, a late 60’s Guild Starfire V in black:

Off the top of my head, that’s to my recollection. That makes 15 in the past 25 years, counting the current R8 and Ric.  Conclusion?  Ever since my first guitar was stolen, I made many attempts to recapture that first flush of dark ownership. Strange how that comes around.


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